Ways to Make Your Day Brighter

  1. Be grateful for what you have today and give Him thanks.

Speaking from experience, I find it easy to focus on what I do not have and how far away I am from my long-term goals. Remind yourself of where you were last year and the wins (large & small) along the way.

2. Realize that your stressful situation is temporary and can make you stronger if you let it.

Life events such as loss, progressing mental or physical illness of a family member, career uncertainty, or failing relationships can feel like endless torture. In some cases, you cannot change the situation, but, you can change your mindset towards it.

  1. If you can, fix it.

I mentioned that many things are out of your control, but many things can change through action. It is okay to take time to reflect on a given situation, but, at some point, you must work towards results.

  1. Talk about it.

Confide in those who care about your well- being. We often hold things due to fear of being judged resulting in embarrassment, but, the truth is we ALL have things that we are struggling with.  Sometimes our difficult situations are intended to make a meaningful impact on someone else’s life.

These tips are not keys to instant happiness (those don’t exist), but they are things that contribute to my positive outlook on life. Hopefully, they will make your day a little brighter as well.

Find what makes you happy and incorporate it into your daily routine,


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